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complimentary consultation for win-loss analysis

A program that consists of impartial and systematic in-depth phone interviews, data aggregation, and analysis that improves

  • your sales and marketing effectiveness
  • your offerings
  • your customers' loyalty
  • and your bottom line
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You share your concerns, goals and needs. I propose project objectives and methodology.


I develop an appropriate research instrument - survey or interview guide. You approve it. We agree on the list of targets. 


I do the outreach to line up and conduct interviews and/or distribute and collect surveys. 


I compile, analyze, interpret and present the results. You improve your operations, grow revenues and customer loyalty.

Tatyana has outstanding written and verbal communication skills and strategic thinking that you would expect from a Stanford MBA. She is quickly able to grasp complex technical concepts and simplify them to their market essentials.
— Scott Kliger, General Partner, Sage Hill Partners, LLC