clarify with market research

Get the information you need to improve your decisions and bottom line. Our tested methodology and experience in a broad range of technologies in multiple industries delivers quick, actionable information you need to make better decisions. 

  • Voice of the customer in-depth interviews (IDI) - get insights and perspectives from the decision-maker's point of view
  • Surveys - get quick takes on narrow topics 
  • Focus Groups - get first-hand decision-maker's perspectives on topics important to you
  • Win-Loss Analysis - better position your products and improve your processes by understanding why some companies buy from you, while others buy from your competition
  • Buyer Persona - improve effectiveness of your sales and marketing staff by understanding your buyers
  • User Persona - improve effectiveness of your products by better understanding your users
  • Competitive analysis - respond to a competitive announcement 
  • Channel strategy - develop or refine your channel recruitment and incentive programs 
  • Market landscape and segmentation - understanding your market ecosystem, forces and changing dynamics

create programs

Identify venues, create offers and develop content that spike customer interest and deliver leads. Whether it's a survey, a market research program, a lead generation program, or an awareness building program, you can reach the right people and compel them to act quickly.

  • Direct marketing with email, telemarketing, LinkedIn and Facebook PPC, SEO, social media, and direct mail
  • Advertising, sponsorships and conferences 
  • Supporting materials - presentations, videos, brochures, press releases, case studies, white paperstechnical briefs, data sheets, demos
  • Media research, key influencer identification, awareness and education

We ensure that appropriate methodology is used to achieve your goals for timeliness, accuracy, and impact.

compel with stories

Tell stories that resonate with your audience and reinforce your message. Many of our copywriting projects are in high tech (Software as a Service, enterprise software, information security) and telecommunications, so we understand the technology, the typical enterprise sales cycle and your customer. 

  • Customer case study highlights benefits your key customer realizes by using your products
  • Solution brief describes how your product addresses the needs in a specific market
  • Product brochures highlight your product's key benefits
  • Email copy and design
  • Landing pages and small web sites
  • Social media presence

Whether it's click, type, talk, or buy, if an individual can be convinced that he or she can gain value by acting, he or she will act. We know how to compel people to act with stories.

connect the dots

Leverage existing information and improve processes to grow your bottom line. 

  • Develop new processes and leverage technology to improve your operations
  • Repurpose strategy data for sales and marketing
  • Improve information sharing and flow between departments
  • Identify new opportunities and react to threats quicker

Please connect with us, to learn more about ways that we can help you.   

Tatyana is highly intelligent, insightful, and resourceful. She quickly and comprehensively assesses the requirements and dynamics of a challenge, and is tenacious and thorough in pursuing her goals. I appreciate her ability to look at situations beyond face value, finding meaning and opportunities in what others might have overlooked.
— Hugh Byrne, Director of Direct Response Marketing, Oracle Corporation