clarify with market research

Get the information you need to improve your decisions and bottom line. Our tested methodology and experience in a broad range of technologies in multiple industries delivers quick, actionable information you can use to make better decisions. 

    • Voice of the customer in-depth interviews (IDI) - get insights and perspectives from the customer's point of view
    • Surveys - get quick takes on narrow topics from customers, employees, and business partners
    • Focus Groups - get first-hand customer perspectives on topics important to you
    • Win-Loss Analysis - better position your products and improve your processes by understanding why some customers buy from you, while others buy from your competition
    • Buyer Persona - improve effectiveness of your sales and marketing staff by understanding your buyers
    • User Persona - improve effectiveness of your products by better understanding your users
    • Competitive analysis - respond to a competitive announcement 
    • Channel strategy - develop or refine your channel recruitment and incentive programs 
    • Market landscape and segmentation - understanding your market ecosystem, forces and changing dynamics
    I have worked with Tatyana for more than 20 years in several different companies including Traxit, Narrative Communications, Jingle Networks (1-800-FREE411) and most recently TeleSure (for whom she is consulting via Brillianta). She is the consummate professional - an absolute expert in product marketing, product management, strategic market analysis and business development. Tatyana’s contributions at all levels from basic concept formation to go to market execution have been invaluable in the success of all of the endeavors which we have participated together. All you have to do is point her in the direction you want to go and rest assured that the results will be fast, detail oriented and outstanding. Her ability to grasp complex technical concepts and simplify them to their market essentials is one of her strongest traits. She has outstanding written and verbal communication skills and strategic thinking that you would expect from a Stanford MBA.
    — Scott Kliger, Entrepreneur